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TESTIMONIALS: Testimonials


Trooper is an amazing horse. He is so good with everyone, always so gentle with nervous adults and kids but if they're confident and ready he will push their comfort zone but never too far. 

I have not had the money to register and inspect my truck for a while. Next month I'll be able to but until then I've been using Trooper as my transportation. We ride into town for groceries and my jobs. He's become a hit in town, everyone loves him. The State Troopers love him and call him one of theirs. The town cops are trying to get a mounted patrol together and they joke about making Trooper a cop. 

The firefighters love bringing him in where the trucks would be parked and all the guys will be standing in a circle talking and Trooper will stand with his head in the circle and interact with they guys and they will laugh when Trooper interacts in the conversation too by shaking, nodding, or cocking his head to one side. There are just so many things Trooper does during conversation. Also everyone is impressed by how he is fine around guns but if they are going off and he doesn't see the gun he gets spooked and runs to me. 

Construction workers like him because he won't spook at their machines and they really like that he doesn't spook at their machines and they really like that he doesn't spook at their bright reflective uniforms and signs like other horses do.

Troop is Amazing, simple as that. 


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